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Disclosure log - May 2010

Disclosure log

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Request Ref: IRQ0305326
Date of Response: 04/05/2010
I would like to know how the ICO disposes of confidential documents and the relevant procedures adopted, including (if possible under FOI?):
Is all waste paper shredded or are staff asked to distinguish between general and personal/confidential material for separate processing? If staff are required to make a judgement, what guidance are they given and what evidence do you obtain to ensure that correct procedures are being followed?
How does the shredding take place eg desk-side shredding machines, on-site by third-parties, off-site by third-parties?
What is the shred-size of the material eg is a DIN level mandated, what specification is given to third-party service providers?
Which companies provide shredding services to the ICO for the disposal of personal information? What were the criteria used in selecting the service provider?
How does the ICO ensure that third-party disposal service providers and sub-contractors meet your data processing obligations?
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Request Ref: IRQ0308092
Date of Response: 04/05/2010
Under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act I would be grateful if you could provide the following information:
the number of staff who have been absent from the work place in the last 12 months with stress, anxiety or depression
the departments which these staff work in
the number of working days at the ICO lost as a result of stress, anxiety or depression
a copy of the ICO special leave policy as outlined in the model publication scheme
a copy of the ICO whistleblowing policy as outlined in the model publication scheme
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Request Ref: IRQ0307514
Date of Response: 13/05/2010
Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 can you please let me know in the ICO what was over the last year
1. The highest pay award (in terms of percentage and cash figure) that was paid as part of the normal annual pay award
2. The highest pay award (in terms of percentage and cash figure) that was paid outside of the normal annual pay award and the reason for this award
3. The size of all pay increases by increments of 1% broken down by gender, ethnicity, disability status
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Request Ref: IRQ0308929
Date of Response: 13/05/2010
Under the Freedom of Information Act I would like a breakdown in your organisation over the last three years of all payments made to your staff outside of increases to annual salaries i.e. any bonus payments, golden handshakes, golden farewells broken down into categories such as gender and ethnicity grouping. Please include any non-contractual severance payments but do not include any contractual severance payment
I would also like details of what the top twenty such payments were for e.g. bonus payment, golden handshake etc
If you need clarification of what my request please let me know. If you are not able to provide three years worth of information please provide either the last two years information or the last year. If such payments could be broken down by type of staff e.g. senior management or not, that would be very helpful.
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Request Ref: IRQ0308166
Date of Response: 14/05/2010
Please provide me with the estimated cost to the Information Commissioner's Office of the new logo recently introduced to your organisation. Include the total cost of design and implementation including, inter alia, redundant old stationery that had to be disposed of, signage on buildings, any other personalised items, updating the website etc.
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Request Ref: IRQ0310359
Date of Response: 18/05/2010
I would like to make a request under the Freedom of Information Act in relation to the following decisions made by the Information Commissioner:
Farndon Green Medical Centre, 3 April 2006, FS50065663
Boston Borough Council, 6 April 2006, FS50064581
Pembrokeshire County Council, FS50067633, June 2006
Guildford Borough Council, FS50070214, 18 July 2006
The Welsh Development Agency, FS50097376, 11 September 2006
Maritime and Coastguard Agency, FS50105734, 25 September 2006
Department for Transport, FS50081543, 29 November 2006
National Portrait Gallery, FS50082255, January 2007
Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs, FS50101105, 23 April 2007
Waverley Borough Council, FS50090866, 2 July 2007
Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council, FS50153399 , 9 July 2007
Waverley Borough Council, FS50078602, November 2007
Somerset NHS Primary Care Trust, FS50142318, 26 February 2008
Plymouth Primary Care Trust, FS50084359, 5 June 2008
Warwickshire County Council, FS50130129, 16 June 2008
Mid Suffolk District Council, FS50131138, 19 June 2008
Chief Constable of Durham Constabulary, FS50124423, 3 July 2008
Department of Health, FS50083381, 21 January 2008
Department of Health, FS50088736, 29 January 2009
National Police Improvement Agency, FS50125350, 16 June 2009
Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council, FS50125005, 17 June 2009
Ministry of Justice, FS50161805, 28 July 2009
Ministry of Justice, FS50178268, 28 July 2009
Fred Keene, FS50181643, 3 December 2008
Camden Primary Care Trust, FS501214920, 7 January 2010
Central Bedfordshire Council, FS50211784, 2 February 2010

I would like to know the identities of the complainants in each case and if possible, their motivation in wanting to know the information. A description of the complainant in general terms will suffice, rather than exact names e.g. journalist, private individual, local resident, company, solicitor etc.

All of the cases involve some kind of public contract. Could you please let me know if the complainant had submitted a tender itself and if possible how their tender was ranked e.g. were they a second or fourth place bidder. In situations where the complainant was not party to the tendering process, please could you let me know if they were a direct or potential competitor of the winning bidder.

Finally, I would like any information you hold generally regarding requests made under the Freedom of Information Act (successful or not) by disappointed bidders for public contracts to obtain information about any of the other bids submitted for the same tender and the tendering process in general. I am interesting in knowing to what extent the Act is being used by disappointed bidders for this purpose. If you do not hold any information on this, could you please direct me to any public body that may (other than individual authorities).
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Request Ref: IRQ0309344
Date of Response: 21/05/2010
There appears to have been a change of enforcement policy so I would be grateful for a copy of those changes in policy
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Request Ref: IRQ0312810
Date of Response: 28/05/2010

- When was your current logo, corporate style, graphics and branding implemented?
- Who designed it?
- How much were the designers paid for their services?
- Were other designers consulted? Was there competition? If so, who was involved, and was any payment made to unsuccessful firms?
- Are there any "alternate" versions of the branding (as in, any which were designed but not taken up), and if so, please supply an electronic copy.
- Please provide me with a copy of your logo guidelines, branding manual or equivalent document.
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Request Ref: IRQ0312834
Date of Response: 28/05/2010

1. Why does the ICO send a hard copy decision by Special delivery at a cost of £4.87 (if you have a franking machine) if you also
sent a special delivery to Bolton council then that is double £4.87 i.e £9.74 that is more than 24 times the cost of sending it first
class post at 41p, it cannot be because it is sensitive information as the request was asked for through the PUBLIC website of WDTK.
2. After communicating with the ICO throughout regarding the Ref No above via email why do you then send the decision in hard copy form via Special Delivery.
3. In the last financial year how many decisions were sent in hard copy form via expensive Special Delivery(to both parties)where
email was used in the preliminary communications.
4. The total cost of these special delivery decisions (to both
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