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Disclosure log - June 2011

Disclosure log

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Request Ref: IRQ0399388
Date of Response: 28/06/11
Please send me details of the total number of recorded delivery letters you have sent out over the previous year and earlier years.
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Request Ref: IRQ0396933
Date of Response: 24/06/2011
“Thus, I am writing to request information on the number of (1) employment agencies and (2) employment businesses that are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

In addition, I would like to ask if (3) gangmasters under the Gangmaster Licensing Act as well as (4) nurses agencies and domiciliary care agencies are required to be registered under the Office as well.”
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Request Ref: IRQ0397602
Date of Response: 22/06/11
I would like to request information regarding to the recorded levels of traffic to the ICO website before and after the cookie opt in message was placed on the ICO website.

Specifically, I would like to know the daily count of visits and unique visitors to the website given by Google Analytics in the weeks before the cookie opt in change, and the daily count of visits and unique visitors recorded by Google Analytics in the weeks after making cookies opt in.
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Request ref: IRQ0393552
Date of response: 22/06/11
a. In the last decade, how many complaints have been made against the GMC.
b. How many have been upheld or discarded.
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Request ref: IRQ0394332
Date of response: 21/06/11
Please can you send me a list of health organisation, including but not limited to NHS bodies, GPs, pharmacists, dentists, etc, who have been issued with undertakings, enforcement notices or civil monetary penalties. I do not need to know the details, only the name of the organisation and the date of issue. I had thought these were published on your website, but I cannot find them. If they are published on the web, please just send me a link. I would like these from the start if possible.
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Request ref: IRQ0396658
Date of response: 20/06/11
Questions relating to the non-notification of Estate and Lettings agents under the Data Protection Act 1998.
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Request Ref: IRQ0393983
Date of Response: 17/06/11
I would like to request information on the cost to ICO for implementing the website changes regarding new cookie rules, as written about at

This would be inclusive of any costs for the planning of said change, planning of other changes not implemented, and planning of any changes yet to be implemented, as well as any development in relation to this or other changes made or considered to comply with the new rules, covering all aspects, such as development costs, any increased server costs, etc.

I should also like to know, if more changes to the ICO website are planned in the next year, in relation to complying with this new rule regarding cookies, the expected cost of future changes, and how that ties in to current costs.

In a separate request, I would like to ask for what reason is the cookie that gets automatically used on the ICO website “essential for parts of the site to operate”, as stated in the banner at the top of the ICO webpage which requests a visitor’s permission to store future cookies. The name of this cookie is ‘ASP.NET_SessionID’. In addition to the exact use of this cookie, I would like to be informed of the rationale behind designating this cookie “essential” to the operation of the website.
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Request Ref:  IRQ0393718
Date of Response: 15/06/11
The Information Commissioner has recently required the Managing Director of Co-operative Life Planning (CLP) to sign an undertaking following a breach by the company of section 4(4) of the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA). In the undertaking and in the IC's press release reference is made to the actions of a third-party company which was presumably acting as data processor in this matter ("CLP’s software support contractor").

Under section 1(1) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) I am asking to have communicated to me the name of the software support contractor in question.
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Request Ref: IRQ0390640
Date of Response: 08/06/11
Exactly how many criminal prosecutions, cautions, enforcement notices, monetary penalty notices, injunctions or enforcement orders have been successfully sought or applied by the ICO against UK firms that, in violation of the relevant law, repeatedly call numbers that have been registered with the TPS.”
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Request Ref: IRQ0391012
Date of Response: 07/06/2011
From the BBC report - "A spokeswoman for the ICO told the BBC that it did not have the power to audit people's accounts but said that Andrew Crossley had provided a sworn statement on the state of his finances." -

If the press office is the wrong email account to enquire on, please tell me another ICO email account to enquire on.

Where can the "sworn statement on the state of his finances" provided to ICO by be read?

How can perjury be excluded in this instance if no check is performed, given the untrustworthy responses Andrew Crossley has provided to previous enquiries into his affairs?

If it's not available to the public, and since ICO is itself unable to verify its content, will ICO now pass the sworn statement to the police for investigation as a matter of prudence?
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Request Ref:  IRQ0396265
Date of Response: 06/07/11

Request: I am writing to obtain information about the use of Government Procurement Cards.

To outline my query as clearly as possible, I am requesting:

  1. A list of every transaction made using Government Procurement Cards (GPCs) where the transaction date occurred during the financial years:

    a. 2009-10
    b. 2010-11

    Please include, for each transaction, the transaction date, vendor name, transaction amount and any category recorded by either the GPC issuer or your organisation.

  2. Any policies and procedures relating to the proper use and misuse of GPCs and monitoring of their use.

  3. All details relating to all instances of misuse of GPCs during the financial years 2009-10 and 2010-11. For each instance, please include:

    a. transaction date
    b. vendor name
    c. transaction amount
    d. item purchased
    e. reason the transaction was not a proper use of the GPC
    f. disciplinary action taken
    g. if your organisation required the amount to be repaid
    h. if the amount was repaid

I would like to draw your attention to release of the same information recently by the Department for Communities and Local Government, showing that this information can be published. (

My preferred format to receive this information is electronically, but if that is not possible I will gladly accept letters at the address below.
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Reference: IRQ0386459
Date of response: 3/06/2011
Please provide copies of all correspondence, be they letters, documents, memos or emails between March 2007 and December 2008 relating to:

  1. The pay increase of Richard Thomas, the then Information Commissioner, in or around November 2008 from £98,000 to £140,000
    The back dating of this pay increase to November 2007
  2. Richard Thomas’ agreement to continue in the post of Information Commissioner in or around November 2007
  3. A copy of the independent review regarding his salary which Jack Straw referenced in Parliament when making his recommendation

In clarifying this request much of this correspondence will likely have passed between the Information Commissioner's office and the Ministry of Justice, specifically Jack Straw's office.
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