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Disclosure log - September 2011

Disclosure log

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Request Ref: IRQ0414217
Date of Response: 28/09/11

“a list of current MPs who have failed to notify with the ICO as data controllers (in their capacity as MPs)”.

In addition, you asked for

“a summary of the steps the non notification team will follow in respect of the MPs who have not notified. I would be grateful if you could indicate time scales e.g. date of final reminder, date when penalty/fine will be incurred”.

Our response

Reference: IRQ0413859
Date of response: 27/09/2011
I would like to ask about meetings between the Information Commissioner's Office's staff and the following companies: Facebook, Google and eBay. Since 1 January 2009, I would like to know for each company:

• How many meetings there have been
• When and where the meetings happened
• Who attended from the Commissioner's Office (names and job titles)
• Whether any notes or minutes were taken at the meeting - I am not requesting copies of these at the moment

If you believe that finding this information would breach the appropriate fees limit, please limit the search to meetings involving staff from your Strategic Liaison, Audit and Enforcement teams, as well as any meeting involving the Information Commissioner, or either of the Deputy Commissioner, should any such meetings have taken place.
Our response

Reference: IRQ0415974
Date of response: 23/09/2011
Can you please provide all of the details about the companies listed below.

• when they applied for the relevant certification
• name of the person that applied
• when it was granted
• when it appeared on your database (this is extremely important as I said we checked your database three times for each of the companies that you say are registered with you and as I said they were not showing on your database)

XP Recruitment - Z9951206
Guru Recruitment Ltd - Z9288295 
Channel Recruitment - Z2640392

Our response

Request Ref: IRQ0415031
Date of Response: 27/09/2011
1. How are you monitoring the effectiveness of yours, and the TPS operations, at stopping unwanted calls?
2. Are there any improvements to these operations, either planned or being discussed?
3. How many companies have actually been fined as a result of your work?
4. Is there any strengthening of the penalties for the calls, in respect of UK operators, planned or being discussed?
5. What action is being taken over the Indian scam organisation?
Our response

Request Ref: IRQ0411158
Date of Response: 14/09/2011
1) How many times in 2010 did you find that Greater Manchester Police were 'likely to have breached' the principles of the Data Protection Act? 2) How many of the likely breaches did you challenge Greater Manchester Police on?
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