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This consultation has closed

The Information Commissioner (the Commissioner) is calling for evidence and initial views on creating a regulatory sandbox. The ICO’s Technology Strategy for 2018-2021 sets out that we intend to establish a regulatory sandbox. The ICO sandbox will be a safe space where organisations are supported to develop innovative products and services using personal data in innovative ways. They won’t be exempt from complying with data protection law, but they will have the opportunity to engage with us; drawing upon our expertise and advice on mitigating risks and data protection by design, whilst ensuring that appropriate protections and safeguards are in place.

This call for evidence is the first stage of the consultation process. The Commissioner seeks early evidence and views on the feasibility, scope and demand for a sandbox. This will be used to inform our detailed proposal for consultation later in the year. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) sandbox has been a key point of reference in this early part of the process but we are aware there are other options and views and we wish to gain as wide a viewpoint as possible at this early stage. The Commissioner is particularly interested in evidence based submissions provided by organisations that are developing innovative products and services using personal data in innovative ways. She appreciates that different stakeholders will have different and particular areas of expertise. The Commissioner will use the evidence gathered to inform further work in developing the Sandbox.