The UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals.

The ICO Regional Offices in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland  primarily aim to influence and support key local stakeholders who play an important role in the delivery of information rights to service users and the wider public by explaining the ICO’s position on the proper application of information rights law and good practice in information handling.  The offices, which are based in Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh, also ensure that the institutional and legislative frameworks within their areas of responsibility are properly reflected in the broader work of the ICO.

Our work

Whilst the specific activities of each office reflect local needs and demands, they nevertheless largely provide the same range of services to their stakeholders as the office in Wilmslow. These include a helpline and general enquiry service for individuals and for organisations, the promotion of information rights and responsibilities through talks, seminars and conferences, and working with public authorities to ensure information rights are properly reflected within policy initiatives.

The ICO Wales office is also responsible for ensuring that ICO services in Wales are delivered in accordance with the Welsh Language Standards, and staff there are encouraged to use Welsh in their work.

Roles in the Regional Offices

The department is composed of three teams led by the Head of ICO Regions. The Head travels between all offices on a regular basis and is supported by a Regional Manager in each. Staff in the offices tend to undertake a much wider range of tasks than their colleagues in our Head Office given the small size of the teams.

Regional Manager

The Regional Manager is responsible for the delivery of their team’s Business Plan by keeping under review the office’s activities, the state of key stakeholder relationships and the potential for developing new ones. They also ensure that the team are clear about the standards expected and are managed effectively to develop their potential.

Senior Policy Officer and Lead Policy Officer

The Senior Policy Officers and Lead Policy Officers in the department fulfil a wide range of functions promoting information rights.  Liaising with key stakeholders and providing advice and guidance on their policies and practices is an important part of their work. They lead on awareness raising activities, including delivering talks at conferences, seminars and workshops. In addition, they may assist in elements of our Assurance and our Enforcement activities when a local organisation is involved.

Advice Officer / Support Officer

Advice and Support Officers provide administrative services to the offices as well as operating the local enquiry service for members of the public seeking advice either by telephone or email.


Other Staff

In addition to the above, some staff from other ICO departments are based in the Regional Offices. These will vary from time to time but we currently have a number of Lead Auditors, Principal Policy Advisors and Senior Case Offices from various teams working from them.