We know how annoying unwanted marketing calls and text messages can be. Some follow the regulations, but we're working hard to stop the ones that don't. That means working closely with Ofcom and other organisations, including Trading Standards and the Ministry of Justice's Claims Management Regulatory Unit, and making good use of the valuable information we get from our online reporting tool.

There's more work for us to do, but there's plenty we've already achieved too. Here's a few highlights:

£530,000 - total amount we've issued in fines

£300,000 - biggest fine so far

3 - companies we've recently written to warning them we're looking to issue them with a fine

10 - ongoing investigations into companies we think might be breaking the rules

122 - information notices issued to telecoms service providers requiring them to identify the individuals or organisations using telephone numbers we believe are being used to make nuisance calls or send spam text

77% - biggest drop in complaints about a company after we've spoken to them about complying with the regulations

2% - of your reports in October were about unwanted texts related to pensions...

13% - of your reports in March were about unwanted texts related to pensions...

7 - arrests in May made by City of London Police linked to pension fraud, part of a multi-agency operation ICO is part of

190,000 - reports to us within the last year around unwanted marketing calls and texts. But we still need more - report yours here

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