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On 22 September 2020, we hosted a webinar entitled AI Accountability and Governance.

This webinar focused on accountability and governance of AI, drawing on points from both the Guidance on AI and data protection and the guidance on Explaining decisions made with AI.

We discussed:

  • The accountability principle in data protection law, what this means for AI and who organisations are accountable to. We looked at positive reasons for organisations to ensure their accountability and governance structures are set up properly.
  • Why it is important to map out the different roles and responsibilities when designing AI that will process personal data.
  • The importance of documentation. This included the importance of completing a data protection impact assessment (DPIA) prior to the start of processing.

This webinar is for a non-technical audience who may be in a compliance role or responsible for the governance of AI in their organisation.

The webinar also included a question and answer session.

We hope to do three more webinars focusing on aspects of our new AI guidance between October and December 2020. Please look out for further information about this via our newsletter or social media channels.

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