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This is the second of four planned webinars focusing on the ICO's new AI and data protection guidance  and guidance on Explaining decisions made with AI. The first webinar in this series looked at AI Accountability and Governance.

In this second webinar we will be looking at the following areas:

  • what do organisations who use AI need  to do to ensure lawfulness, fairness, and transparency in their AI systems 
  • what organisations need to consider when choosing a lawful basis for processing personal data using AI.
  • how accuracy in a data protection context is different to accuracy in an AI context.
  • how statistical accuracy relates to the fairness principle.
  • how organisations processing data in AI systems can mitigate the risks of these systems giving biased or discriminatory outcomes; and
  • what organisations need to consider to ensure that their processing is transparent, including what it means to give meaningful information about the logic involved in an AI system.