The ICO recognises that informing and educating the public about their personal information is key to ensuring the ultimate success of the updated data protection legislation for all concerned: individuals, brands, the public and third sectors -  as well as the ICO, as regulator.

But comprehensively educating the entire UK public about anything is, of course, an enormous undertaking. So, following initial discussions with representatives from a cross selection of UK organisations, we agreed that a collaborative approach to this offers the best chance of success.

The immediate objective of this activity is to develop a suite of baseline messages from the ICO that help bring the GDPR to life in a practical and proportionate way to UK citizens.

It may be that organisations might want to help communicate these baseline messages through their own channels, particularly if that means individuals are not being confused or inundated with similar messages from the many organisations - often more than 50 - with whom they have a 'data relationship'.

If you are interested in learning more about this activity and the progress already made, please sign up for this webinar.