Technology Strategy 2018-2021

The Technology Strategy seeks to develop and enhance technical knowledge and understanding at the ICO and to ensure we effectively communicate these to both organisations and individuals. It explains our eight technology goals and how we intend to achieve them.

Information rights strategic plan 2017 - 2021

This strategic plan sets out the Information Commissioner's mission to increase the trust the public has in government, public bodies and the private sector: trust in transparency, in the digital economy and in digital public service delivery.

Our strategic approach highlights a commitment to:

  • lead the implementation and effective oversight of the GDPR and other live data protection reforms;
  • explore innovative and technologically agile ways of protecting privacy;
  • strengthen transparency and accountability and promote good information governance; and
  •  protect the public in a digital world.

Data protection reform guidance: what to expect and when

The ICO is continuing to work on guidance to assist controllers in the run up to May 2018 when data protection reforms will take effect. This update explains what we have been doing since the previous version of this What to expect and when document and our plans for the future.

International Strategy 2017 - 2021

To effectively protect the UK public’s personal information in a digital global environment, the ICO needs to co-operate and act internationally. This International Strategy seeks to enhance privacy protection for the UK public. Recognising that the ICO needs to be agile in an ever-changing world, it will be regularly reviewed and updated in response to new challenges and opportunities. This international strategy supports our 2017 Information Rights Strategic Plan.

Innovation plan

Our innovation plan details how we will ensure our approach to regulation will support innovation. 

Resource and Infrastructure Strategic Plan

This strategic plan sets out the way the ICO will be resourced and the infrastructure it will have in place.