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In May, I blogged about how we wanted to collaborate with the digital design community to create practical guidance to support conformance with the ICO’s Children’s Code.

Since then, we’ve held several co-design workshops and gained valuable insights into what the community needs from the guidance.

By engaging with the community we’ve learned that smaller organisations and design companies need more help from us to implement the code in practice.

Designers also told us that the guidance we produce must use language relevant for designers and contain practical content, such as tools and templates.

Based on this feedback, we’re exploring ways to clearly and concisely explain the code standards to designers. We’re outlining activities and approaches for design teams to think about the code in their existing design practice. We will also be thinking carefully about how we can support smaller organisations.

The insights we have gathered so far have already begun to shape our work but there is still more to be done to ensure this guidance is meeting the needs of the industry.

Over the next few weeks, we will continue to run workshops to seek feedback and test draft guidance. We are still looking for designers and data protection professionals to take part in these virtual events so please get in touch if you would like to be involved.

We also want to hear from you if your team has adopted effective approaches for embedding transparency practices into your design process.

This week we are creating the first drafts of the guidance and activities. We look forward to seeing how these change and evolve over time based on your invaluable feedback.

Georgina Bourke ICO employee

Georgina Bourke is a Principal Technology Adviser at the ICO specialising in UX Design. She works on projects that look at the intersection of emerging technologies, data rights & user experience.