The ICO exists to empower you through information.

Latest update

13 June 2024 – the final version published.

30 January 2024 - the Enterprise Data Strategy was published. We consulted on this strategy until 12 March 2024. 

Foreword by John Edwards, Information Commissioner

In 2022, we launched our ICO25 strategy to transform ourselves into a regulator equipped to face the challenges and opportunities of a digital and data-driven world. At that time, we recognised the importance of our own use of data in this mission by committing to develop a data strategy. I’m delighted to present this strategy today.

Having a data strategy is crucial in setting out how we develop, manage, govern and use our data assets in pursuit of our purpose: to empower you through information. Whether it’s providing deep insights into the needs of our customers, identifying and predicting instances of harm, guiding prioritisation and decision making, or underpinning our use of automation and AI, it’s clear that data is a key part of the modern organisational fabric.

We have another opportunity, though. As a regulator, we’re shifting our guidance away from ‘don’t do’ to ‘how to’. In a similar way, our data strategy is setting an ambitious vision to ‘show, not tell’. We aspire to be an exemplar for responsible innovation in the use of data – one that can inspire and guide others through our own transformation.

Introduction by Rob Holtom, Executive Director - Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT), Transformation and Delivery

The ICO’s data strategy has its foundation in our organisational goals and strategy. It’s not just about what we do in our data teams or for those with ‘data’ in their job title. On the contrary, it has impact and application across all parts of our organisation. From where data is captured and created, to how we develop the right skills and culture, how it’s used, and how we protect ourselves from its potential for misuse.

Our vision is to be an exemplar for responsible innovation in the use of data. This is supported by four key principles that speak to the data culture we want to see: democratic, disciplined, daring and dignifying. We want to seek out the benefits that data can achieve when put to use, and to uplift our underpinning data capabilities to drive true transformation.

The journey so far has been exciting, illuminating and not a little bit daunting! But we know that the next stage – putting it into action – will prove that we’re heading in the right direction. We have considered and incorporated the feedback we received during our public consultation earlier this year. We now have a plan for the year ahead based on our key focus areas and we’re looking forward to sharing our progress in the future.