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Annual track archive

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Data protection archive

New approaches to identity management and privacy

This paper was commissioned in 2007 by the ICO from experts with experience of the different identity management techniques in order to describe the different solutions available which can bring protection to individuals and the situations in which these solutions can be appropriately applied. Different identity management techniques will be applicable in different situations. The purpose of this paper is to help inform those working in this area of the alternative forms of identity management techniques that are available and which can help to protect privacy.

Whilst the paper was commissioned by the ICO, it is aimed at broadening the understanding of the identity management techniques available rather than the Commissioner advocating a particular technique in all circumstances.
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UK consumers wake up to privacy

The ICO commissioned a survey of 1,000 individuals into their attitude towards personal information and how it is held by organisations following the recent high profile data loss by HMRC. The research was conducted by ICM in February 2008.
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Freedom of information archive

Freedom of information: two years on

In December 2006, Continental Research Ltd conducted the Freedom of information: two years on research project on behalf of the ICO.

Continental Research Ltd is an independent market research company which adheres to the Market Research Society's Code of Conduct.

The research was commissioned to understand how public authorities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland felt that the Freedom of Information Act is working in practice, what their perceptions are and how they see it working in the future. Public authorities were also asked their view on the possible changes to the Freedom of Information Act charging regime. The findings have been compared with the results from the freedom of information: one year on undertaken in 2005.

The report on the research findings and a copy of the questionnaire are available below:
Research findings
Research questionnaire

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