Meet key figures behind our work on technology and innovation.

Simon McDougall is Executive Director for Technology Policy and Innovation at the ICO where he is developing an approach to addressing new technological and online harms. He is particularly focused on artificial intelligence and data ethics. He is also responsible for the development of a framework for auditing the use of personal data in machine learning algorithms.
  Ali Shah, Head of Technology Policy, is responsible for ensuring the ICO can respond to complex societal challenges presented by emerging technology developments. His expertise in AI, data and emerging technology is combined with a passion for understanding the impact of technology on society, and the ethical and societal questions that emerge.
  Lynne Currie, Head of Privacy Innovation, leads the Innovation Department. She works on long-term strategic policy projects in new technology areas, engagement with key stakeholders and issues in the digital economy, co-ordinating formal requests for ICO consultations on Data Protection Impact Assessments and supporting other regulators to remove perceived data barriers to innovation.
Dr Reuben Binns, a researcher working on AI and data protection, joined the ICO on a fixed term fellowship in December 2018. During his two-year term, Reuben will research and investigate a framework for auditing algorithms and conduct further in-depth research activities in AI and machine learning.
Valeria Gallo is currently seconded to the ICO as a Technology Policy Adviser. She works with Reuben Binns, on the development of the ICO Auditing Framework for AI. Prior to her secondment, Valeria was responsible for analysing and developing thought leadership on the impact of technological innovation on regulation and supervision of financial services firms.