This case is about:

  • health opinions; and
  • adding disputes to a file.

Mr M asked his local hospital to send him a copy of his medical records. When he received them, he was surprised to read that they included an opinion by his doctor that he was suffering from a particular medical condition. Mr M disputed this because another doctor had diagnosed him differently.

Mr M was concerned about the impact this diagnosis could have on his future healthcare, so he wrote to the hospital asking them to amend his records. The hospital said that they couldn’t amend them and so Mr M contacted us.

We explained to Mr M that we could not force the hospital to delete or change this opinion, as it correctly recorded the view the doctor had held about Mr M’s condition at that time. We advised Mr M to write to the hospital and ask them to record his objections to this opinion on his medical file. Following our advice Mr M wrote to the hospital and they were happy to add his objections to his medical file.

Mr M was disappointed the opinion was not deleted but was pleased that he had been able to ensure the hospital recorded his objections to the opinion on his medical file.