This case is about:

  • accuracy of information on a credit file;
  • information we require from complainants; and
  • amending records.

Miss P obtained a copy of her credit file and was horrified to discover that there were two missed payments recorded against her credit card account. She contacted us to complain about this and argued that she had never missed a payment. She said she had contacted her credit card company about it but they had not responded to her letter.

Before we could investigate her complaint we asked Miss P to provide us with evidence that she had complained to the credit card company first, as well as evidence that she had made the disputed payments on time.

Miss P provided us with copies of the letter she had sent to her credit card company and copies of bank statements showing when she had made the payments.  

On receiving this we contacted her credit card company who responded to us and acknowledged that they had made an administrative error.

We gave our view that the company had breached the Data Protection Act in this case. We also required them to update their records and to update the information they passed to the credit reference agencies about Miss P’s account.

We advised Miss P to obtain a further copy of her credit file to ensure that it had been corrected.