A former managing director of a claims management company who unlawfully obtained and sold personal data has been prosecuted.

David Cullen was the managing director of No1 Accident Claims Limited based in Manchester. The core business of the company was the obtaining and subsequent sale of personal data relating to policy holders of car insurance who had been involved in road traffic accidents.

Cullen, of Manchester, appeared before Manchester Crown Court on 21 counts of unlawfully obtaining and selling personal data in breach of s55 of the Data Protection Act 1998. He was sentenced to a fine totalling £1050.00, ordered to pay costs of £250.00 and was disqualified from being a director for five years.

Confiscation under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 was commenced with the benefit figure from the illegal activity totalling £1,434,679.60. Due to Cullen’s lack of assets, a £1 nominal order was made.