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Getting started with data protection

If you are a newly established organisation our self-assessment for small business owners and sole traders is a great place to start with getting data protection right. It is also a good tool for those who have been in business a while and just want to check how they are doing.

Data protection FAQs

Our frequently asked questions section, answers the most common questions from small and medium organisations 

Hot topics

If you have a question about a topic specific to your sector or that has appeared in the media recently, you might find the answer on our hot topics page. 

I need to...

We have created a number of digital tools to help you complete various tasks relating to your data protection compliance.

 Data protection fee

If you handle personal data, you will probably need pay a fee to the ICO. If you are unsure if you need to pay you can take our quick self assessment to find out.

Paying the data protection fee is a statutory requirement and every organisation that processes personal information must pay it, unless they are exempt. Failure to pay is a civil offence.