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Use this tool to build a contract when using standard contractual clauses to transfer personal data from an EEA controller to your UK-based organisation which is acting as a processor, as part of your preparations if the UK exits the EU without a deal..

Once you click start you will be asked a number of questions about the nature of the data you're transferring, the organisations involved and your security measures. You will  also be asked to tick any optional clauses you would like to include.

A draft contract will be created. It will contain all the clauses you need plus the information your provide about the data transferred and any additional commercial clauses you selected.

Download the draft as a word document. You will need to add in details of the parties to the contract. You may also need to add further details about the security measures you use to protect the personal data. 

Both parties will need to sign the document before it is in force and valid.

Before signing you should consider seeking your own legal advice.

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 Either party may wish to download the blank template of the contract, which contains guidance notes.