An introduction for small businesses

If you are a small business and want to understand what the code is all about then our downloadable leaflet is a good place to start.

Media FAQs

Given the importance of protecting freedom of expression and addressing specific issues relating to the digital news industry we have developed a set of media FAQs.

Executive summary and the standards in brief

The executive summary and summary of the standards provides a quick overview of the code

The Code

The full age appropriate design code of practice can be viewed here.

DPIA template

Our DPIA template (Annex D) is an example of how you can record your DPIA process and outcome for an online service likely to be accessed by children. You can download a template of it.

Consultation responses

As part of the development of the Code we published a draft of the Code for consultation. We have now published the consultation responses (apart from any made by individuals acting in a private capacity) and our summary of the responses.