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Most children have an online presence from the moment they're born, if not before, and grow up sharing and viewing information over the internet. Their early lives are charted on social networking sites with pictures and status updates, until they're old enough to start exploring the internet on their own. This may be as early as 5 or 6 years old, and at that age most parents aren't worried about supervising their children's activities on the internet too much. Even up to the age of 11, children are largely left to their own devices online, maintaining a collection of social media profiles and playing online games.

The ICO has created an infographic which highlights different aspects of children's online activities, showing information from the amount of time spent at the computer, to the level of online social presence for each age group.

The information within the infographic shows how important it is to teach young people about safety online and protecting personal information, and can be used as a springboard for discussion in the classroom. The ICO also provides a series of lesson plans for both primary and secondary schools to teach children about internet safety and encourage them to think about their activities online.

Protecting Childrens Personal Information Online

Protecting Childrens Personal Information Online by ICO Schools



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