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The lesson plans have been tested in a number of schools.

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High Storrs School

"We would highly recommend that schools integrate this SOW into their curriculum with consideration about how it can be used to enhance and strengthen the current PSHCE schemes of work where the topics naturally arise e.g. E-safety, rights and responsibilities, Identity, local government and politics."

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Ian Gage, Headteacher

Crickhowell High School

"The students were requested to ‘think outside the box’ in terms of what they deemed to be personal and private data and who had the right to view this and who was accountable for the security of this information. There is a great need to impress upon young people that sharing information on social media is not the only matter we should be making them aware of, it is data in the wider context. I would definitely use the resources in the future with both Key Stage 3 & 4 alongside the existing messages we at Crickhowell High School deliver in safeguarding their data online and the consequences of being careless sharing information which potentially could be shared without their knowledge or consent."

Carole Phillips, Student Support Officer

Prees CE Primary School

"In a world where personal information has become more frequently available in the public domain, these materials and lessons are essential in educating young children on how their personal information can, should and may be used. The resources are easily accessed by the pupils, who looked forward to discussing and analysing the stimuli and completing the activities."

Michael Parry