Helping you comply with your responsibilities to information rights in councils, housing associations and other agencies linked to a local authority.

Parish councils toolkit

Following our work with over 50 town and parish councils, we’ve developed a suite of resources to help local councils with some of their key data protection issues.

The resources cover data audits, using your own devices and data sharing. The materials are available for you download, print and use to improve data practices in your local council.


I work for a small local council, do I need to appoint a data protection officer (DPO)? Will individual councilors still need to pay a fee to the ICO? These are just a couple of questions we have been getting from local government about the new data protection law.

Our FAQs document answers these questions and many more.

Paying the data protection fee

On 1 April 2019, the rules around paying the data protection fee changed. Members of the House of Lords, elected representatives and prospective representatives are exempt from paying a fee, unless they process personal data for purposes other than the exercise of their functions as a Member of the House of Lords, an elected representative or as a prospective representative. For more information, read our guidance on the data protection fee.

ICO and Centre of Excellence and Information Sharing joint podcast

What are the wider cultural challenges facing local government around information sharing and the GDPR?

Jovian Smalley, Group Manager of Policy & Engagement chats with Imogen Heywood, engagement manager, from the Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing.

 Publication schemes

If you work for a public authority, you must produce a publication scheme. This outlines the information you will routinely make available to the public - such as minutes of meetings, annual reports or financial information.

We have provided publication schemes and definition documents in order to help you do this. 

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