Helping you comply with your responsibilities to information rights in councils and other local authorities. 

Last updated 21 March 2017- Information Governance survey results published

Local Government Information Governance survey results

Thanks to all those who filled in the ICO’s local government information governance survey. The results highlighted some important points about GDPR. For the full story, take a look at our blog. 

Guidance for local authorities

Guidance for public authorities

Advice for authorities on how you should respond to requests made for local property search information.

Publication schemes

If you work for a public authority, you must produce a publication scheme. This outlines the information you will routinely make available to the public - such as minutes of meetings, annual reports or financial information.

We have provided publication schemes and definition documents in order to help you do this. 

Audits, advisory visits and overview reports

See the latest reports detailing some of the good practice and areas for improvement we have seen in the sector.

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