The UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals.

Download these posters, stickers and postcards to help you promote good data protection practice in your own organisation.

Training resources for your business

Everyone in your business is responsible for complying with information rights laws. We’re here to help.

We’ve taken the information governance and legislation training modules we provide to ICO staff as part of their internal training and made them available for you to reuse. This is a good place for your business to start.

You can select the modules that fit the needs of your business and add them to your existing training materials. You can also amend the modules to suit your business if you need to.

Parish councils toolkit

Following our work with over 50 town and parish councils, we’ve developed a suite of resources to help local councils with some of their key data protection issues.

The resources cover data audits, using your own devices and data sharing. The materials are available for you download, print and use to improve data practices in your local council.

Think. Check. Share.

We’ve created a suite of posters to help your staff take extra care when sharing work information.

The posters cover some of the most common mistakes we see, including sending information to the wrong recipient, leaving work documents in public view or not appropriately disposing of information.

The posters are available to use within your organisation, and can be printed at A4 or A3 sizes.

Think Privacy

The TH!NK PRIVACY campaign has been created to aid the communication of the challenge faced by organisations of all sizes, to their employees – reminding staff to ‘press the mental pause button’ before taking action.

TH!NK PRIVACY offers a range of free downloadable materials including posters, bin stickers and postcards, for use within your organisation. You can print them off for use in employee areas.

New material will be uploaded to our website at regular intervals with all changes and updates featured on our monthly e-newsletter. Sign up here to receive the newsletter. By downloading and using these materials, users are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions.

Charity sector toolkit

In response to feedback, a toolkit has been created specifically for organisations in the charity sector – reminding staff to ‘press the mental pause button’ when handling personal data.

Please note: the materials are not ICO materials; we are providing the materials on the website for businesses to download as a useful tool to promote privacy matters in their own organisation.

New school resources for teachers

We have produced a suite of school resources for teachers to use when discussing privacy issues and the value of personal data. The lesson plans cover what counts as personal data, why it’s valuable and how to keep it safe when using social media. The resources are free to download and use. We have also produced a set of worksheets for each PowerPoint to facilitate discussion.