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Good With

Young adults and financially disadvantaged people suffer an unfair “poverty premium” when trying to access the same credit and basic services as people who are better off. According to Fair By Design, this affects around 14 million people in the UK.

Good With’s objective is to help young people access affordable financial services by enabling them to demonstrate financial readiness with the help of an AI-driven smartphone companion they can talk to, develop their financial education and seek advice – in a way that fits into their lives.

Good With is pleased to partner with the ICO Sandbox to ensure its unique combination of data, cloud technology, risk modelling and sophisticated AI meets the highest standards and evolving regulations for transparency, safety, fairness and ethics.

By sharing its findings, Good With’s ambition is to raise the bar across industry for design that engages and empowers young people, trustworthy data-driven services, and business models that respect your privacy.

Entered: July 2021


FlyingBinary is a company that creates deep technology to unlock the talents of GenZ and Gen Alpha by delivering inclusive services online. Their mission is to design and deliver enabling technology, which leaves no-one behind online. They have developed secured and accredited Advisory AI services, which are used to support the clinical assessment of acute mental health care pathways.

As a next phase of development for these clinical AI services, FlyingBinary intend to utilise the Age Appropriate Design Code provisions, with the support of the ICO Sandbox, to design a new service to be used by the patient to support their own clinical assessment. The neural network we will use has been trained on 4 billion data points online to understand 20 of the 27 human emotions. This AI service will present to the patient the likely human response for any online content which they are requesting, prior to it being consumed.

Entered: February 2021

CDD Services

SafeGuarden technology from CDD Services is redefining digital compliance by giving individuals control of their personal data. With increasing digital exposure, communities of people depend on a safe space to connect and communicate with a variety of stakeholders – from carers and support staff to friends and colleagues. These communities rely on, and expect, data privacy and security.

Hull4Heroes is a veteran charity, supporting ex-service men and women and their families. The codeless SafeGuarden platform is a dynamic xRM with a suite of configurable apps and digital tools to help individuals connect in a safe, simple and secure way. The platform is being piloted to support the Veteran’s Village project, and aims to be socially inclusive and useful, protect individual rights, and allow individuals, organisations and communities to work together as one.

SafeGuarden will enable personal data exchange and real-time consent control, allowing support givers to focus on those in need, accelerating onboarding and simplifying multi-agency referral and monitoring of individuals within their best interests.

Successfully being accepted into the Sandbox will enable CDD Services to work directly with the ICO to ensure that data protection by design is embedded in the platform and its data sharing processes, safeguarding identity management, security and privacy.

Entered: December 2020


This ICO Sandbox partnership will offer age appropriate child-centred content moderation, together with privacy information and accessible parental consent options at a global scale. Yoti’s identity platform, GoBubble’s child-content moderation SaaS (GoBubbleWrap) and others will:

  • extend Yoti age estimation for under 13 year olds without ID documents, where their face is analysed and the image instantly deleted..
  • use this technology to launch an age verified, content moderated esports membership platform for under 18s with parental consent options, including the use of age estimation for parental consent

The partnership will offer customisable solutions to help other platforms and content communities meet regulatory requirements to protect children from unwanted intrusions, inappropriate content and minimise the risk of grooming - offered on a software as a service basis.

Entered: November 2020

Global Cyber Alliance

The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) have entered the Sandbox to explore the possible next steps in developing their DomainTrust concept and the potential benefits of processing personal data in the platform to help fight against cyber-criminals. DomainTrust is an intelligence platform that provides registries, registrars, and cyber protection agencies with high quality, large-scale sets of data on suspected malicious and criminal domains being used in phishing attempts, malware distribution, and command and control (C2) activities. This data provides intelligence upon which they can take further action: investigation, suspension, or disablement.

Entered: November 2020

Our Future Health

Our Future Health aims to be the UK’s largest ever health research programme. It is designed to help people live healthier lives for longer by giving researchers from universities, charities, the NHS and companies involved in health research an opportunity to discover and test more effective ways to predict, detect and treat common diseases such as dementia, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

The aim is to recruit a cohort of five million adults that truly reflect the UK population to take part in Our Future Health. Participants will be asked to provide information about their health and lifestyles and small samples of their saliva and/or blood. Our Future Health will ask for permission to combine the information and samples that they give with existing information about them, including their health records. Researchers will use this information to make new discoveries about human health and diseases.

The safety and security of participant data is the most important consideration in the development of Our Future Health’s technology platforms. Being accepted into the Sandbox will allow Our Future Health to work with the ICO to make sure data protection, governance and privacy-by-design are at the heart of their work. They will be able to draw on ICO expertise and further develop data de-identification processes, data flows, data security and architecture, and data controllership.

Entered: October 2021