Watch recordings of ICO hosted webinars from the past year. They offer practical information and guidance about a range of information rights topics and issues. For a list of upcoming webinars visit our events and webinars page.

Cyber security

This webinar focuses on issues around cyber security and ways to improve your organisations practices.

Data breaches

This webinar discussed issues related to the causes of data breaches and how organisations can prevent them.

Data protection for law firms 

This webinar looks at some of the key issues concerning data in the legal profession and the ways in which the ICO can help to improve your practices.

Data protection for SMEs

This webinar looked at best practice for SMEs when they are collecting, sharing or processing data.

Data protection for the education sector

This webinar looked at best practice when it comes to collecting and using personal information of pupils and staff within educational organisations.

Data protection on the move

This webinar looked at some of the main issues caused by working at home or on the move with personal data and how this can lead to damaging losses and breaches.

Direct marketing for not for profit organisations

This webinar offers advice and guidance to charities and not for profit organisations about direct marketing.

Manual records in the health sector 

This webinar will look at the most common errors the ICO sees as part of our audits and advisory visits in the logging, tracking, movement and storage of manual records in the health sector.

Records management for public sector

In this webinar discussed good practice in records management for the public sector.

Subject access requests

This webinar will help organisations to handle subject access requests in line with the law.

Data protection for small healthcare organisations

Data protection and information security now and in the future – an introduction for small organisations in the healthcare sector.