Please submit all completed applications to, no later than midday 24 May 2019.

Please include all the information we need to assess your applications within the word document and mark up any sections that are confidential. Please do not use web-links or signpost to further information.

By submitting this form you are confirming that you have the necessary authority to submit and that the content is a true and accurate representation.                                                                

We will notify all applicants about whether or not you have been successful. We hope to be able to notify each organisation in early July, however this timescale is dependent upon the volume of applications which we receive.

Frequently asked questions

Do we need sign-off by my organisation’s director to participate in the Sandbox?

Yes, we ask for confirmation of authority to submit from a member of staff with sufficient seniority at application stage, for example, a Data Protection Officer, a SIRO, a CEO or Director.

Does our Data Protection Officer have to be involved in the application to the Sandbox?

If you have a DPO, we expect that this member of staff will have sufficient knowledge of data protection to be a useful point of contact for us to engage with alongside other members of staff, for example, development teams. As a minimum, we expect that your DPO will be aware of your involvement in the Sandbox.