Early exit strategy

One of the terms of participation is for you to develop an exit strategy, should you need to terminate your participation earlier than expected. This exit strategy requires our approval as part of the bespoke plan. This ensures the minimal detriment to data subjects, for example, if live testing of real data has begun. You should consider this condition prior to applying to join the Sandbox.

Planned exit

All participant organisations are expected to exit from the Sandbox by September 2020, when the beta phase is planned to finish. However, you may exit well before this date. This will depend on your individual organisation, and the product or service you developed.

We will agree and define an approximate exit date within each bespoke plan, however this date will be flexible and dependent on circumstances.

Before exit, we will arrange a final meeting between you and a Sandbox team member to discuss any outstanding queries, evaluate progress and to obtain your feedback on the beta phase more generally. Following this, we will send you an exit report that summarises the process and the key activity that was undertaken and, if agreed at that time and appropriate to do so, a statement of regulatory comfort.

Frequently asked questions

In what circumstances could our participation in the Sandbox be terminated?

We hope that termination from the Sandbox will be a rare occurrence. Termination may result if you do not adhere to the terms and conditions you agreed to when you entered the Sandbox.