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The guidance on this page is suitable for large businesses in the public, private and third sectors. Small businesses should use the resources on our small business web hub.

Brief guidance

A guide to individual rights

Brief guidance covering privacy notices, subject access requests, deleting and changing information, stopping and restricting processing, moving information and making automated decisions about people.

Detailed guidance 

The right to be informed (privacy notices)

When, how and what should you tell people about how their information is used. 

The right of access (subject access requests)

What is a subject access request (SAR), how to recognise them, when and how to respond to them and how to manage health, social work and education information in relation to SARs. 

Automated decision-making and profiling

What is automated individual decision-making and profiling, what does the UK GDPR say about when and how you can carry out automated decision-making.


Find Subject Access Request (SAR) resources

A quick reference guide to help you find the content you need on each subject access request topic.

Training videos: individual rights 

Recordings of ICO staff training on the data protection principles, available for you to reuse. 

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