What is the Your Data Matters pledge?

The ICO aims to increase the public's trust and confidence in how their data us used and made available. The Your Data Matters campaign gives us the opportunity to achieve this goal by offering 'off the shelf' communications materials to organisations who share this goal.

We’re also inviting leaders from organisations who want to take part in the campaign to sign a ‘Your Data Matters’ pledge. It offers organisations another way to demonstrate their support for individual’s personal data rights which should have the effect of building trust and confidence in the way the organisation is using and store personal data.

What is the aim of the pledge?

To help increase the public's trust and confidence in how their data is used and made available.

By signing the pledge, an organisation is making a clear statement that it values the personal information entrusted to it.

It also sends a clear signal to the staff in the organisation about the importance of looking after people’s personal information.

Does it create additional legal obligations?

No, it does not create additional legal obligations. What it does do is to show a public pledge, by the organisation to comply with data protection law and uphold the rights of individuals.

How will the ICO use it?

The ICO will not use this as an additional regulatory tool.

The ICO will keep a list of those who say they are signing up to the pledge and put this on our website. If a compliance problem occurs it is up to organisations to reflect on whether they are living up to their pledge.

Please note that the Your Data Matters campaign is entirely separate from your legal obligation to pay a fee to the ICO.

What do we have to do if we sign up to the pledge?

Commit to supporting the personal data rights of individuals – that is all. However, as mentioned above, this is the responsibility of the organisation to uphold. The ICO will not check against the pledge.

You can also use the Your Data Matters communications package, which is available to download.