Can I see my employment reference?

To request a copy of your reference you need to make the request to the employer the reference was sent to. You should make a subject access request in writing. They will then consider if any exemptions apply and if they can release this information to you. If you make the request to the employer responsible for providing the reference it is unlikely you will get a copy, as they are not obliged to provide this under the Act.

Can my employer read my emails?

This will depend on your employer's email monitoring policy, which should be available to you. View your employer's obligations regarding monitoring.

Can my employer use information collected for another purpose for disciplinary action?

Generally, personal information should not be used for any purposes other than what it was originally collected for. However, if the information reveals something that the employer cannot reasonably ignore, it may be possible for them to use it.

Can my employer monitor my work using CCTV or tracking devices?

Yes, providing they make you aware of it, although in certain circumstances they may not have to tell you. Read about your employer's obligations regarding monitoring: