Moving house can be very stressful, and redirecting your personal mail and bills maybe the last thing on your mind. However, redirecting your mail and informing your bank, credit and store card companies and utility providers of your new address is crucial to safeguard your personal information – failing to do it could leave you open to identity theft.

Who do I need to inform when I move house?

Here is a list of the organisations you should give your new address to:

  • banks and building societies
  • credit and store card providers
  • local council (for council tax and housing benefits)
  • Department for Work and Pensions (for state benefit payment)
  • DVLA (for vehicle registration and driving licence)
  • gas, electric, phone and internet service providers
  • TV Licensing
  • doctor and dentist
  • sports clubs
  • loyalty card schemes
  • optician
  • any mail-order catalogues and magazine subscriptions

How can I redirect my mail?

To redirect your mail, contact Royal Mail and they will help to ensure that when you move house, your mail moves with you. For a fee, Royal Mail can redirect your mail from any UK address to any other UK or overseas address, including British Forces and PO Box addresses. You can arrange to have your mail redirected for periods of one, three or 12 months.

For more information on how to redirect your mail:

  1. Visit
  2. Pick you a ‘Moving home?’ redirection application form at your nearest Post Office; or
  3. Phone 08457 740 740


Royal Mail can also help if you think your post is being stolen. They will be able to check whether a mail-redirection order has been made in your name without your knowledge.

You should report the theft and loss of any post to:

Royal Mail
08457 740 740

What should I do after I've moved?

Once you have settled into your new home, you should consider checking that your personal information is still secure by getting a copy of your credit file two or three months after you move.

You can also register your new address and phone number with the Mailing Preference Service and Telephone Preference Service, this will help to reduce the amount of unwanted marketing you get.