Following an ICO investigation in 2005, Steve Whittamore pleaded guilty to breaching the Data Protection Act. During the investigation, the ICO recovered a number of notebooks in which Whittamore had recorded personal details relating to some 4,000 people. These notebooks along with invoices and remittance notes have become known as the Motorman files, after the name of the investigation.

What should I do to find out if the notebooks contain any information about me?

Many people have already made a subject access request to the ICO for their personal information contained in the notebooks.

We have established a fast-track service to speed up the process for those wanting to find out whether anything is recorded about them.

If you are concerned, please send an email including your full name to and we will quickly let you know whether we hold information that could be about you.

If we confirm that we could hold information about you, we will ask you to send us your proof of identity. Once we have verified your identity and confirmed whether your details match those on the Motorman files, we can provide you with a copy of any information we hold.