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Can I ask for the information being used this year to decide my grades instead of exams?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic pupils will not be sitting did not sit exams this year. Instead, teachers will be conducted and submitted pupil assessment information which will be used to award grades.

Under the GDPR, you have the right to request information about you and your performance, this may include:

  • The teacher assessment 
  • Written comments about the provisional grade and/or rank order
  • Records of past performance

However you don’t have the right to access any information you have recorded yourself. This means that you can’t get copies of your answers from mock exams, assignments or assessments.

As long as the results have been announced, the organisation (for example your school or college) must respond to your request within one month.

However, if you requested this information before the results were announced, the organisation must respond:

  • within five months of the date of your request; or
  • within 40 days from when the results are announced (whichever is earlier).

For more information on your right of access click here.

I didn’t get the grades I think I deserved – can I find out why?

Once the results are published you can ask for information processed to support your provisional grade such as teachers’ assessments or written comments. As outlined above, the organisation must respond to your request within one month.

In some circumstances it may be necessary for an organisation to withhold information you have requested if, for example, the information you have requested may reveal something about another individual.

I want to appeal – what’s the process?

  • For students in England, information about the appeals process is set out in the guidance by Ofqual.
  • For students in Northern Ireland, information about the appeals process will be published by CCEA on their website in due course
  • For students in Wales, the appeals process is set out in guidance by Qualifications Wales 
  • For students in Scotland, the appeals process is set out in guidance by the Scottish Qualifications Authority