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Our thoughts on current information rights issues, from data protection to freedom of information.

Simon Rice

Is someone watching you right now? A warning as website targets insecure webcams

Christopher Graham

Four things that could change if it’s easier to fine firms behind nuisance calls and texts

25 October 2014

The government has today announced that it wants to make it easier for the ICO to fine companies that make nuisance calls or send spam text messages. But what could that mean in practice? [continue reading on WordPress]

Christopher Graham

Global cooperation will bring local benefit 

21 October 2014 

Whether it’s buying a DVD from Amazon, a t-shirt from eBay or a song from iTunes – and then telling our friends about our new purchase on Twitter or Facebook – we are increasingly customers of multinational businesses. [continue reading on WordPress]

Jonathan Bamford

A CCTV Code fit for 2014 and beyond

15 October 2014 

It’s nearly five months since I last wrote about the importance of having a CCTV code fit for the demands of modern society. At that time the draft version of the code was out for consultation. Today all of your comments ... [continue reading on WordPress]

Steve Wood

Changing your name and gender: the data protection implications

7 October 2014 

Names are an essential part of our identity. We use them every day, from conversation with friends to official transactions. They are perhaps the archetypal article of ‘personal data’ and can provide information about other aspects of your life such as ethnic background, religion or gender. So, the decision to change them is normally not taken lightly.  [continue reading on WordPress]

Kai Winterbottom

NHS Trust visits show positive results

1 October 2014 

There’s no doubt information security incidents in the public sector are big news. We’re approaching £5 million worth of civil monetary penalties issued by the ICO to the public sector, and for every one there’s a tale of ... [continue reading on WordPress]

Steve Wood

FOIA: an update on our definition documents and template guides for publication schemes

17 September 2014 

When most people think of freedom of information, they probably think of the right to request information about public bodies. While this is an important tool for transparency, it isn’t the only requirement of the Freedom of Information Act.... [continue reading on WordPress]

Christopher Graham

“The best journalism works within the law, although it often tests the boundaries”

4 September 2014

What does the law say about press freedom and the right to free expression? How does the law balance the competing rights and obligations? Are data protection and journalism opposites that don’t mix, like oil and water? Or are they in fact complementary? [continue reading on WordPress]

Andrew Paterson

The Internet of Things: what is it and what does it mean for you?

21 August 2014 

What is the Internet of Things, and what does it mean for you? Andrew Paterson discusses the current trend of network-connected appliances and explains the possible privacy risks. [continue reading on WordPress]

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