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ICO blog

Our thoughts on current information rights issues, from data protection to freedom of information.

anne jones

Anne Jones

Handle With Care – Data Protection Workshops 2014 
(View Welsh language version)

15 April 2014 

One of our most important and enjoyable roles at the Information Commissioner’s Office is meeting and engaging with our stakeholders. It allows us to work together, learn from each other and raise awareness of information rights and ... [continue reading on WordPress]

Simon Entwisle

Targeting the worst offenders and cutting nuisance calls

3 April 2014 

There has been no let-up in our pursuit of those responsible for nuisance calls and texts. Since I last blogged on this issue we have had some notable successes. The penalty and ... [continue reading on WordPress]

Simon Rice

Simon Rice

Data security officers – set your alarms for 8 April 2014

10 March 2014

Does the date 8 April 2014 mean anything special to you? If you’re responsible for ensuring your organisation keeps personal information secure and you’re still using old IT equipment … [continue reading on WordPress]

Steve Wood

Ensuring transparency isn't the cost of outsourcing

5 March 2014

As talk of austerity continues echo through the corridors of the public sector, the value of cost savings grows ever-more attractive... [continue reading on WordPress]

Jonathan Bamford

Key battle won in war against forced subject access request

14 February 2014

There is an old adage about winning battles but not necessarily winning the war. It was nearly eighteen years ago when I was sat in the Home Office, doing my best to make the case for … [continue reading]

Dawn Monaghan

NHS patient information: the Information Centre and the DPA

11 February 2014

In my last blog, I wrote about how the Data Protection Act applies to information from medical records going from GPs to the Health and Social Care Information Centre. I committed to writing a second blog giving some explanation of how the Act applies to personal data once it arrives at that Information Centre. So here goes… [continue reading]

Dawn Monaghan

NHS patient information and the Data Protection Act

27 January 2014

The health sector always provides a wealth of data protection challenges, but without doubt the one currently at the forefront of most peoples’ minds are the changes to how patient information in England could be used by NHS bodies and others, with a view to improving care and health services..… [continue reading]

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