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ICO blog

Our thoughts on current information rights issues, from data protection to freedom of information.

Andrew Paterson

The Internet of Things: what is it and what does it mean for you?

21 August 2014 

What is the Internet of Things, and what does it mean for you? Andrew Paterson discusses the current trend of network-connected appliances and explains the possible privacy risks. [continue reading on WordPress]

Steve Eckersley

An effective regulator needs effective powers

David Smith

Update on our response to the European Google judgment 

7 August 2014 

It’s now 11 weeks since I last wrote about the Court of Justice of the European Union judgment in the Costeja case. The publicity given to the judgment has certainly raised awareness of people’s data protection ... [continue reading on WordPress]

Carl Wiper

Seven things you should know about the ICO’s big data report

28 July 2014 

Big data is a hot topic at the moment, with businesses, scientists and governments all keen to see what benefits it can offer. But big data is not a game that is played by different rules. If it involves personal data, you need to follow the Data Protection Act... [continue reading on WordPress]

Andrew Paterson

Wearable technology – the future of privacy

26 June 2014 

Not so long ago, the collection of personal information by body worn devices was limited to trials in specific police departments, and others that could afford the specialist equipment. However, recent progress in hardware means... [continue reading on WordPress]

Thomas Oppé

ICO clarifies rules on charging for access to environmental information

25 June 2014 

While the Environmental Information Regulations do not prompt as many enquiries to the ICO as the Freedom of Information Act, there are still parts of the regulations that require clarification and case law is still emerging ... [continue reading on WordPress]

Steve Eckersley

International study looks at phone app privacy

29 May 2014 

When we published our data protection guidance for app developers just before Christmas, I was shocked to see that half the people surveyed about apps had decided not to download one due to privacy concerns... [continue reading on WordPress]

Christopher Graham

'eBay attack is ‘wake-up call to all of us’

23 May 2014

On Wednesday, eBay wrote to us to tell us they believed a cyberattack had compromised a database of customer information. We’re actively looking at this situation, with a view to launching a formal investigation. On the face of it... [continue reading on WordPress]

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