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Final evaluation

The purpose of piloting is to test feasibility, learn how to operationalise a policy, how to overcome implementation barriers, and how to improve processes and outcomes. The SME Data Essentials (DE) Pilot has certainly proved successful in achieving this purpose. The Pilot has achieved much success in terms of impact, and revealed a range of learnings around design and implementation, all of which will prove significantly valuable for considerations around future phases of the SME DE Project.


Annex A presents analysis of the profile and characteristics of the Pilot’s participants based on the information captured by the ICO at sign-up. As discussed in the main report, 2,945 invitation emails were sent to data protection (DP) fee payers.

Annex B explores the feedback surveys for modules 1-2, 3-4, 5-8, and 9-11. These were sent out between 9 September and 30 November 2022, with responses accepted until 16 December 2022.

Analysis of the final feedback survey responses is presented in Annex C.

Annex D focuses on the 35 organisations who either had been shortlisted for the Pilot after expressing an interest and did not activate their account, or had activated their account but did not complete any modules.