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Latest updates - 11 April 2023

11 April 2023 - the section on Standard 3 in the toolkit has been updated to provide information society services with further examples of the considerations they should be making when identifying what age assurance measures are required on their platforms or services.

This self-assessment risk tool has been created with medium to large private, public and third sector organisations in mind.

Data sits at the heart of the digital services children use every day. From the moment a young person opens an app, plays a game or loads a website, data begins to be gathered. For all the benefits the digital economy can offer children, we are not currently creating a safe space for them to learn, explore and play. The Children's code looks to change that, not by seeking to protect children from the digital world, but by protecting them within it.

This tool will help you conduct your own risk assessment of how both the UK General Data Protection Regulation and the Children's code applies in the context of your digital service and give you practical steps for you to apply a proportionate and risk-based approach to ensuring children’s protection and privacy.