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Please tell us what part of the response you wish to challenge and why. For example, tell us which exemptions or public interest arguments you disagree with. Tell us if you’re happy to exclude personal data from your request or why you think it should be disclosed. Please also let us know which sections you accept. It is your responsibility to make clear the scope of your complaint. If you don’t there may be a delay in progressing it. Maximum 2000 characters (about 250 words).

Required documents

To investigate, we'll need unedited copies of the documents listed below. We accept Word, Excel and other Microsoft Office files, Open Office, txt, pdf, email and image files. Up to 1.5 MB each. We can't accept evidence where the address, email address, or full dates are missing.

If you're unable to provide the documents here, please complete as much as possible and send any remaining documents to us by post. We'll provide our postal address at the end.

Your information or re-use request or the public authority’s acknowledgement of receipt.

If you do not have a copy, could you please provide as much information as you can to help identify your request with the public authority. For example, are you able to recall:

• the wording of your request?

• the approximate date and time you submitted your request?

• which online form you used? Where on the public authority’s website can that form be found?

eg follow-up correspondence that you sent, or received from the public body
Tell us why you believe the public body has not acted properly when responding to your request. If you are referring to a previous complaint you've made to the ICO, please provide the ICO reference number. Maximum 2000 characters (about 250 words).

About the public body

Full name of the person you have contacted at the organisation, if you have one
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