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Securing the digital frontline: trends, myths and actionable insights

Join cybersecurity leaders from the ICO, NCSC and industry for a discussion of the current cyber landscape. Delve into the ever-evolving realm of cybersecurity and data protection as these industry experts shed light on the latest incident trends, debunk prevailing myths, and arm you with invaluable, actionable advice.


Workshop 1: SME Focus

Cybersecurity can feel a challenge for SMEs. Our cyber experts will cover the basic principles and show you where to get high quality, free advice.


Workshop 2: Supply chain attacks

Incidents involving service providers and other processors have hit the headlines recently. How do you manage your suppliers to best protect your organisation, and what should you do if a breach occurs?


  • Kristina Holt

Workshop 3: An introduction to incident response, common cyber threats and ways to mitigate risk

Are you new to your role as a Data Protection Practitioner? Or would you like more information around some of the cyber specific trends we see at the ICO? Join this interactive workshop to learn about the basics of incident response, ideas on how to mitigate risk and explore some of the common trends we see in the Cyber Incident Response and Investigations Team.