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Recordings from the DPPC workshops are now available to watch:


The IDTA, Addendum and TRA: practical guidance for cross-border transfers

We will provide practical tips and guidance on how to use the IDTA and Addendum to EU standard contractual clauses (SCCs), and how to carry out transfer risk assessments. We plan to cover:

  • US transfers;
  • FAQs on the IDTA, Addendum and TRA tool; and
  • the impact of data protection reforms under the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill.



Stop scratching your head – how the ICO can help you innovate with certainty

Many companies face challenges in pursuing innovation, such as limited resources and risk aversion. To empower responsible innovation, the ICO offers a range of services that provide early assured advice and support for businesses developing new models, products and services.

This session is aimed at organisations of any size looking to do something new or significantly adapted with personal data. It’s aimed at organisations who want an insight on how the ICO can offer regulatory certainty and bring down the burden or cost of compliance. We will provide an overview of the ICO's innovation services and explore examples of past engagements to showcase how we have assisted innovators to overcome challenges.



Good FOI practice – a panel discussion

At this session, hear from experienced ICO case handlers, policy staff and information access staff about what good FOI practice looks like. We want to help you handle FOI requests effectively, and to share some tips on how to improve your practice. The session will look at areas such as organisational culture and request-handling. It will also refer to some of the work our upstream team is doing to provide tools and assistance. The session is for public authority staff who may be relatively inexperienced in handling FOI requests, or who are unsure how to improve practice in their organisation.



How to deal with SARs as an employer

This workshop discusses how to deal with subject access requests made by current and former employees. We will explore the request handling process using example scenarios drawn from our work and guidance in this area, including:

  • high volume requests;
  • applying exemptions; and
  • requests relating to complaints or disputes.

This workshop will appeal to a range of employers and experience levels.

For further information about this topic, see our SARs Q&A for employers.