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This consultation has closed

We previously published detailed employment practices guidance, including the employment practices code, supplementary guidance and the quick guide. Much has changed since we published our guidance both in terms of data protection law and the way everyone works.

We are planning to replace our existing guidance with a new, more user-friendly online resource with topic-specific areas. We want to make sure that our new guidance addresses the changes in data protection law, reflects the changes in the way employers use technology and interact with staff and meets the needs of the people who use our guidance products.

Between August and October 2021, the ICO ran a call for views seeking stakeholder and public input into future guidance on data protection and employment practices.

We have now published our summary of all the responses received.

In the call for views, the Commissioner sought input from relevant stakeholders, including employers, professional associations, those representing the interests of staff, recruitment agencies, employment dispute resolution bodies, workers, volunteers, and employees, as well as suppliers of employment technology solutions.

We will use the responses we receive to inform our work in developing this resource. Where we use the term ‘worker’ in this call for views, we are referring to employees, contractors, volunteers, gig and platform workers – as all of these relationships will be covered by our guidance.

Although the call for views has now closed we leave a copy of the survey as a record for anyone who may be interested in our work in this area.