The ICO exists to empower you through information.

The video begins with short outtakes introducing Comms team members laughing and smiling. Music plays.

Cut to title card: ICO communications careers Apply now at

Five members of the comms team talk about their work at the ICO. Each person is filmed speaking individually. Clips from each interview are chopped and edited together seamlessly. Music continues to play throughout.

“Everyone's really welcoming”

“The team at the ICO are a really amazing bunch of people”

“We're a really warm and buzzy team”

“One of the great things about the team at the ICO is this vast range of ages and experience”

“It's a team of specialists. You know, we've got specialists in reaching the media, specialists in social media, specialists in the website. So we work in a high-paced exciting environment which involves a lot of collaboration across the team”

“The best thing about working in Comms at the ICO is just the general buzz. No two days are the same. If you love working on high-profile news stories then the ICO is the place to be”

“There's lots of work to be done across the department so there's lots of opportunities to get involved in different work”

“We are a National Organization. We're a national Comms team, we're professional”

“Our work is in the news every single day and it's stories that are really making a difference to people's lives and I still get that thrill of being in a really fast-paced Newsroom”

“The ICO is so varied. And we just, we do everything. You know, we've got a newsletter that goes out to 200,000 people and then the next day were getting on national television and the next day we're pulling together a creative video”

“People might think that data protection stories are very dry. They're very technical and they might think that our work is boring. But that is absolutely not the case”

“Our work is so exciting because it's about people. It's not about the law, it's about the impact that that law has on people's everyday life”

“The people are the best thing about working in Comms at the ICO. They're a really supportive team. You're supported to develop”

“You get loads of great opportunities”

“What I like about the ICO is that people are interested in what we do. When it comes down to it our stories are about people and are about how they impact people”

“You should apply to work at the ICO if you're passionate about Communications, but also if your passionate about having an impact on real lives”

“The people who do well at the ICO are ambitious. They're creative. They're the kind of people who really want to learn”

“People who are creative who can push the boundaries who can really unearth brilliant stories about people and find new ways in telling them”

“What we want is people who are creative. Interested in engaging people. I think most of all just inquisitive, people who are inquisitive about the world around them. That's what makes a good Comms professional”

“The ICO Comms team is developing and this is a place for you to grow and further your skills in Communications”

Title card: ICO communications careers Apply now at

Cut to more short outtakes of the team at the end of filming their interviews.