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The workshop is aimed at organisations with data sharing requirements or objectives, but that may be facing barriers to which PETs might be a solution. We are seeking individuals with responsibility for and expertise in data protection, both within organisations that develop privacy enhancing technologies (PETs) and organisations which are deploying and/or exploring whether to deploy PETs. We also encourage applications from industry groups, consultants or other advisors with expertise in data protection in the context of privacy enhancing technologies.

The workshop will be held in person on Tuesday 20 February 2024 09:30 – 16:30  at The Claremont Charing Cross hotel, London, with the opportunity for networking after.

The workshop will feature deliberation between attendees, aimed at building a shared understanding among attendees of the roles PETs play in data sharing and data protection, in particular data protection by design and default.

The purpose of the workshop is for the ICO to gain insight into the barriers to adoption that exist for both suppliers and users of PETs, with the aim of producing and publishing a report based on the workshop. This workshop is part of a wider policy project that the ICO is conducting, aimed at encouraging the adoption of PETs.

Registration for this event is now closed.  For any enquiries, please email [email protected].