The ICO exists to empower you through information.

The ICO is pleased to announce three new additions to its Management Board, which brings its non-executive director number to eight. The three new non-executive directors began their terms in September 2022 and have this week attended their first meeting of the ICO’s Management Board.

John Edwards, Information Commissioner, said:

“I am delighted to welcome three new members to the ICO board; the first new appointments under my tenure as Commissioner. With these additions, we are gaining both experience of different sectors and diversity of thinking. This will be much valued as the Board provides its insights to and scrutiny of our recently announced ICO25 transformation plan. And with their connections into central government, financial services and the wider regulatory community, I hope that our new non-executive directors can help the ICO foster new relationships based on knowledge and understanding of areas currently underrepresented in our external engagement.”

Jeannette Lichner

Jeannette is an experienced non-executive director, business advisor, educator and executive coach. She has more than 30 years international banking experience as a senior executive, consultant and non-executive director. She currently holds non-executive roles at the UK Financial Conduct Authority; the Local Trust, a community empowering organisation which works with the 150 most left behind communities in the UK; Elucidate GmBh, a Berlin-based regulatory technology start up; and the Global Advisory Board of the university of which she is an alumna. She is a senior associate and tutors the High Impact Leadership course at the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership. In addition she is an active member of the Chartered Management Institute.

Jeannette said:

“I am delighted to be joining the ICO at this critical time in its history, delivering on its transformation programme as set out in ICO25. As we all rely increasingly on information and data across all aspects of our lives the ICO has a critical role to play in upholding the UK public’s information rights and simultaneously enabling opportunities for information driven innovation. I value the opportunity to work with ICO colleagues to deliver on these challenges.”

Ranil Boteju

Ranil is the Group Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Lloyds Banking Group, with accountability for delivering the Bank’s Data Strategy. Prior to Lloyds Banking Group, Ranil has held senior data leadership roles at HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Vodafone NZ and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and has more than 20 years global experience in data and analytics, with roles in Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Auckland.

Ranil said:

“I am excited to be joining the ICO team at this point in time. 2022 is a year of new developments for the ICO – a new commissioner, new data protection law proposals and a new Cabinet with ideas of how to grow the economy including through the use of personal data. There is an increased desire to do more with the data organisations hold to add value to the economy and to better deliver public services. I think the ICO has a good track record on reacting agilely, as seen during COVID-19, to ensure innovation and data protection go hand in hand. I look forward to working with fellow Board members on ensuring the ICO remains effective and influential.”

Tracey Waltho

Tracey has over 25 years experience in the Civil Service, having joined the Government Economic Service as a new graduate. She was Director of Economic Policy co-ordination running the Prime Minister’s National Economic Council from 2008-2009 and has also served as the Chief Economist and Director of Strategy at the Department for Transport. Most recently she has served as Director General Civil Service at Cabinet Office, and Director General Housing and Planning – leading government’s COVID-19 response across Housing and Planning, including the response for Rough Sleepers known as ‘Everyone In’. She has extensive experience of government decision making and transformational change.

Tracey said

"I am proud to be joining the Board of the ICO, given the critical role the organisation plays. It is a particularly interesting time for the ICO with greater societal awareness of information rights and the role that data plays in the economy; and greater expectations on the regulator to deliver protection and support. Institutional reform of the ICO is also on the table as part of the data protection reform package and I hope to bring my experience to this important area of transition.”