The ICO exists to empower you through information.

Overview: The video is narrated throughout, and includes some audio from video clips. Whilst the narrator speaks, video clips of people in different situations are presented to give context. The narration appears as on screen text and upbeat music plays throughout.

Smartly dressed business people are walking past a glass building. The person in the forefront is listening to headphones attached to their phone.

Narrator: “Our lives are built on trillions of uses of personal information, every day”

Cut to video of a child wearing a virtual reality headset.

Cut to a server in a cafe offering a card payment handset to a customer.

Narrator: “Information drives our health..”

People in white coats sit in a lab. In the forefront someone is looking through a microscope at a petri dish.

Narrator: “..our safety..”

Cut to image of security cameras

Narrator: “..and our wealth”

Cut to person looking at a computer screen with pie charts and graphs.

In the next scene a doctor sits beside a patient’s bed on a hospital ward.

Narrator: “It’s about relationships..”

Transition splits to show three videos on screen at once.

The Doctor remains in the middle of the screen talking to their patient, and either side we’re shown a uniformed Police officer, and an office worker speaking on a telephone headset.

Narrator: “”

Transitions reveal three new scenes. In one, a lesbian couple hold hands and smile to the camera whilst holding rainbow flags. In the middle screen people march through a city, the person in the foreground has their fist raised high. The third screen shows someone using hi-tech physiotherapy equipment.

Narrator: “..equality”

Two videoclips are presented side by side, one is of an elderly person being pushed in a wheelchair, the other is of two young children in a darkened room, their faces are lit from below by the screen they’re looking at.

Narrator: “..dignity”

Transition slides two new scenes into view. One is a closeup of someone handcuffed behind the back, the other a closeup of a child in a refugee centre. The child is clutching a soft toy.

The next two clips show a news reporter holding a microphone and speaking to camera, in the other someone holds a handwritten sign that reads ‘one world’ with a drawing of Earth.

Narrator: “..and democracy.”

As the narrator ends the sentence, an overhead shot shows two people entering voting booths with forms.

Narrator: “The ICO empowers people”

Examples of some of the ICO’s work is presented as a collage, with creative transitions to new images and animations as the narrator speaks.

Narrator: “We empower people to confidently share their information to use the products and services that power our economy and society”

Examples include: a clip from an ICO animation that explains how microtargeting works, a clipping from a news article in the Guardian about the ICO’s investigation into the Met’s gang matrix, an ICO animation on how live facial recognition technology works, a magazine article from Glamour about an ICO Opinion into “digital strip searches”, ICO tweets for World Book Day, ICO material from their campaign to educate the public on nuisance calls aimed at the elderly.

Narrator: “The ICO empowers organisations”

As the narrator speaks, we see footage of Ian Hulme, Director of Assurance speaking at a Sandbox event, and then people seated around desks in a conference style setting.

Narrator: “We empower organisations to use information responsibly and confidently to invest and innovate”

As the narrator continues, various ICO representatives, including the Information Commissioner, are shown speaking in presentations and at live events. Video clips transition creatively with animations and graphics.

On screen we see two clips, one of the Information Commissioner speaking behind a lectern, and the other of an ICO representative speaking to camera.

The audio switches so that now we can hear the ICO representative speaking: “I’d like to welcome you to the ICO SME hub on the ICO website. We know that GDPR can be quite a lot to take in, but don’t worry we are here to help”

Another clip of an ICO representative appears. They are presenting to camera and we hear the audio: “The ICO is committed to privacy by design, moving from policy to practice”

In the next shot an ICO guidance checklist appears on one side of the screen, and opposite we see and hear the Information Commissioner presenting to screen: “I want to make data protection easy. Easy for industry to implement at low cost”.

Narrator: “The ICO empowers transparency that helps us all better trust the decisions taken by public bodies on our behalf”.

In the final scene, as the narrator speaks, on one side we’re shown a title card with text: ‘Behind the screens – maintaining government transparency and data security in the age of messaging apps’.

Adjacent to this title card is a video of the information commissioner published on Twitter and tweets from the ICO on FOI.

Warren Seddon, Director of FOI appears on screen and says, “People make FOI requests about the things they care about and transparency is a part of trust in a healthy democracy.”

The narrator’s final sentence appears on the end title in large text.

Narrator: “We exist to empower you through information”