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This consultation is now closed.

The ICO is reviewing how period tracking apps and fertility tracking apps available to UK users, process their users’ personal information.

We’re considering whether users may experience harmful consequences from, or be negatively impacted by, the way their personal information is used or shared by these apps.

We’re also considering whether there may be examples of good practice in the way these apps handle personal information.

For example:

  • You may have received upsetting or unexpected adverts or messages that you think could be linked to providing your personal information to a period tracking app or fertility tracking app.
  • You may have discovered that your information was being used by a period tracking app or fertility tracking app in a way you didn’t expect.
  • You may have found it difficult to communicate your preferences about how your information is used. Alternatively, you may have found this very easy.

Whether you’ve had a positive or negative experience, we’d like you to share your experiences with us by completing the survey below.

We will use the experiences gathered to help inform our review of how personal information is used by period tracking apps and fertility tracking apps.

There is more information on how we process your personal information in our privacy policy here.

Responses to this survey will not be treated as complaints to the ICO. If you would like to make a complaint, you can do so here.

We won’t be responding to individual submissions but if you have left your name and email address, we may contact you to learn more about your experiences or ask you to be part of a case study.

The closing date for this survey is 5 October 2023