The ICO exists to empower you through information.

This information is mainly aimed at potential visitors from abroad. Please note that we are not able to accommodate all requests to visit the ICO.

Do you need to visit?

You may not need to visit the ICO to find out more about our work and the laws we regulate. Please view the following to see if you think this provides you with enough information, before requesting a visit.

Presentations and handouts

We have developed a range of materials if you want a general overview of the ICO and its data protection or freedom of information work.

 Website resources

  • Français – basic information in French
  • Español – basic information in Spanish

Telephone or video conference

If you would like to contact us for information or arrange a telephone/video conference:

From abroad: please email us, or call us on +44 1625 545745 and ask for the international team.

From the UK: please refer to our contact page.

Arranging a visit

If you think you need to visit the ICO, you should always make an appointment before visiting. Please contact us giving the following information (email the international team for visitors from abroad, or contact us via our contact page for UK organisations):

  • The number of people visiting (we have a limited number of meeting rooms, particularly for large groups).
  • If you would be bringing an interpreter (we are not able to provide interpreters).
  • Suggested dates and times (please provide more than one option if possible). We generally require at least three weeks notice. Meetings should be scheduled between 10am and 4pm. Please read the information below on travelling times to ensure that you could fit the visit into your schedule.
  • A description of the topics you would like to discuss, including any specific questions you have.

For information about what we do with personal data see our privacy notice.

For information about how to get to our head office, visit:

If you are interested in visiting our regional offices in Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh, visit: