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We have a robust but fair approach when recovering fines, providing payment plans where debtors are in genuine financial hardship. However, where we identify organisations that can pay but won’t pay, we will pursue formal recovery action which can result in insolvency. Equally, where directors seek to avoid payment via insolvency we actively exercise our full rights as a creditor, including nominating Insolvency Practitioners whose investigations can result in personal claims against directors.

Formal debt recovery via insolvency can be complex and take several years to conclude so whilst it may appear that no money has been recovered, action is still actually ongoing and we will update our website when we receive dividends (payments).

We also work closely with other enforcement agencies to disrupt and obstruct seriously non-compliant directors who for example, may persist in continuing to make nuisance calls or send unsolicited spam despite our fine. This can result in directors being disqualified and further civil action or criminal prosecutions.

Civil monetary penalties

We issued 10 final civil monetary penalties in Q4 of 2021/22, totalling £760,000.

Data controller


Date of final notice



Energy Suite Ltd Land or property services 18/01/22 PECR £2,000
UK Platinum Home Care Ltd Finance, Insurance and credit 21/01/22 PECR £110,000
Home2sense Ltd Marketing 31/01/22 PECR £200,000
Tempcover Ltd Finance, Insurance and credit 07/02/21 PECR £85,000
The Money Hive Ltd Finance, Insurance and credit 14/02/22 PECR £50,000
Tuckers Solicitors LLP Legal 28/02/22 DPA £98,000
Royal Mail Group Ltd General business 07/03/22 PECR £20,000
Seaview Brokers Ltd Finance, Insurance and credit 11/03/22 PECR £15,000
Domestic Support Ltd Finance, Insurance and credit 14/03/22 PECR £80,000
Home Sure Solutions Ltd Finance, Insurance and credit 14/03/22 PECR £100,000

Court orders for winding-up upon ICO petitions

There were 0 court orders for winding-up upon ICO petitions in Q4 of 2021/22.

Director disqualifications

We continue to refer cases and support Insolvency Service investigations.


Years disqualified

Disqualification end date

Disqualified for conduct while acting for

PECR fine

Max Khan (alias Mohammod Ali) 3.5 4/6/2022 Kwik Fix Plumber Limited £90,000
Leighton John POWER 6 1/2/2023 Help Direct UK Ltd £200,000
Keith Nicholas HANCOCK 4 12/2/2023 LAD Media Ltd £20,000
Ben Michael WINCHESTER 6 23/7/2023 Falcon & Pointer Ltd £175,000
Leah Kimberley MASTERS 6 18/12/2023 Cold Call Elimination Ltd £75,000
Paul O'DONNELL 4 24/2/2024 Goody Market UK Ltd £40,000
Kenneth Andrew HASWELL 6 16/4/2024 Nevis Home Improvements Limited £50,000
Allan BROWN 6 16/4/2024 Nevis Home Improvements Limited £50,000
Louis KIDD 7 29/6/2024 Prodial Ltd £350,000
Shaun HARKIN 6 12/7/2024 Easyleads Ltd £260,000
Jonathon DESOUSA 5 19/8/2024 Xternal Property Renovations Limited £80,000
Aaron Fredrick STALBERG 6 5/2/2025 The Lead Experts Ltd £70,000
James Richard TATTERTON 5 14/4/2025 IAG Nationwide Limited £100,000
Antonio Daniel PARDO 6 2/5/2025 Direct Security Marketing Ltd £70,000
Warren Lee PYE 7 12/8/2025 IT Protect Limited £40,000
Christopher SNAITH 6 24/9/2025 Solartech North East Ltd £90,000
Jeffrey HALL 6 24/9/2025 Solartech North East Ltd £90,000
Gregory Francis RUDD 6 1/1/2026 Keurboom Communications Ltd £400,000
Daryl Richard BROWN 6 19/4/2026 Manguard Electrical Security Limited n/a - Liquidated
Mark Anthony FOLEY 6 29/7/2026 Holmes Financial Solutions Ltd £300,000
Mark JONES 6 29/7/2026 Holmes Financial Solutions Ltd £300,000
Robert Mark CARSON 6 9/9/2026 Holmes Financial Solutions Ltd £300,000
Charlotte Claire McKEEVER 7 23/9/2026 Advanced VOIP Solutions Ltd £180,000
Elia BOLS 6 18/11/2026 AMS Marketing Ltd £100,000
Daniel David SHARPLES 7 25/12/2026 IAG Nationwide Limited £100,000
Richard JONES 8 28/2/2027 Miss-sold Products UK Ltd £350,000
Tony Ray ABBOTT 12 26/12/2029 Reactiv Media Ltd £75,000
Adam John Charles MANGAN 3.5 14/4/2025 Road Accident Consult Ltd (T/a Media Tactics) £270,000

Bankruptcy Restrictions

Alex GOLDTHORPE 6 16/4/2025 t/a Approved Green Energy Solutions £200,000