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Question 1: “Do you need to process special category data?”

  • If no, you do not need to consider any of the conditions.
  • If yes go to Question 2.

Question 2: “Are you considering the explicit consent condition?”

Question 3: “Does the Article 9 condition say that it requires authorisation by law or a basis in law?

  • If yes then this means you are considering: employment, social security and social protection; health and social care; public health; archiving, research and statistics or substantial public interest as a condition for processing. Go to Question 4.

Question 4: Are you considering the “employment, social security and social protection” condition?

Question 5: “Are you considering the “health and social care” condition?”

Question 6: “Are you considering the “public health” condition?”

Question 7: “Are you considering the archiving, research and statistics condition?”

Question 8 : “Are you considering the substantial public interest condition?”



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